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It's a wrap!

Hail adventurers!

Monday was our wrap-up session for those that weren’t able to attend. All the player characters were able to level up their characters to second level. Lulu appears to be the only one that was considering doing a multiclass option, but her wisdom was a tad too low as of yet to do it.

I answered questions from those in attendance about the adventure, as well as gave folks a short glimpse behind the curtain. As far as the reveals go, I’ve included a few of the more interesting ones below:

Someone wanted to know where Olaf got himself to after his initial scene at the door. He had actually gone downstairs to the basement where there was a secret door leading to a sea cave that contained a small cadre of smugglers who were busy inventorying and moving some contraband. Unfortunately, no one ever entered the basement or saw the sea cave entrance from the top of the cliff (Kilrakas almost made her awareness/notice roll, but came up a little short). As a result, Olaf was a one-scene character, which was a bit of a shame as he is an interesting guy…

The floorplan for Madam Orinas house was blatantly ripped off from the Haunted House from the old-school AD&D module, U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Of course, I completed gutted the interior and created my own tiles for the house, so there was some originality there. If you’ve never played the old U1-U3 series of adventures then you are really missing out as they were awesome!

Lulu got the award for number of missed encounters, as she avoided lifting the burlap sack in the abortorium and disturbing a trio of juvenile Shriekers. She also avoided being ambushed by spiders in the sitting room because she did not approach the cold, empty fireplace when she was searching the room. It was a pity since the room did contain the best magical item available (IMO) in the adventure, a +2 Ring of Protection, which was hidden behind a brick about 6 feet up the chimney. The adventurers would certainly have had to be looking very hard (or been using a detect magic spell) to find it though.

There were a few items of value in the attic, but it would have taken many rounds of searching to locate them all. Furthermore, random monsters were lurking around up there. Sanlas and Thodrus ran out of luck on the first random check and got the wasps, but there were also rats, spiders, and a swarm of bees that could have been encountered.

At the bottom of the stairway was the armored corpse of the missing black fist soldier that Sharn had mentioned back on day one. He was lying on a pristine magic shield (but painted with the black fist, so it would need a paint job to avoid being recognized as a stolen/looted item). Getting to the shield would have been tricky as the corpse was infested with Rot Grubs. If you don’t know what these little beasties are, you’ve never played any previous versions of D&D! Rot grubs have now also been added to 5th Edition with Volos Guide to Monsters, so there is that.

I was little tight-lipped about how Madame Orina knew about tuna fish. In her defense, you do see a lot of strange stuff when you are in the smuggling business, and she definitely knows about otherworldly thing as a result. I’m being a little coy about how she knows what she knows as if and when the players return to the campaign, they too might discover the source of that knowledge…

One final note about why Madame Orina gave up the egg so readily: she is an ally of Ector Brahms, and she was doing a portrait of him beating the forces of evil, while riding on a hippogriff. That image really stoked his imagination and he managed, through undisclosed means, to procure a hippogriff egg. His agents then left the egg with Orina to raise and train for Ector. Raising and training a hippogriff is a pretty lengthy and expensive undertaking, one the Orina only agreed to do grudgingly. It isn’t as if the money wasn’t good (it wasn’t great), but it was a pretty involved task to do to keep on Ectors good side. When the party showed up with the intention to retrieve the egg, Orina decided that she could give them the egg and claim it was stolen by agents that were loyal to Gareth de Bristol, thereby relieving her of the task as well as setting Ector and Gareth at odds. By claiming that she would recover a payment from the characters was a way to expand her sphere of influence, as they would now owe her a favor. Furthermore, she would have a valid grievance against Gareth whose agents had invaded and ransacked her home. It looked like a win-win to just let the party take the egg…

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun time chasing through the house and looking for the elusive hippogriff egg! When we return to the campaign, as mentioned elsewhere, I am planning on running some more traditional Tyranny of Dragons-type encounters. These are more bite-sized encounters and missions that can be completed in about 1 or at most 2 sessions.

Starting next week, Chris is going to be running a Dungeon World adventure and we will be generating characters. I’m not sure how he is planning on updating folks and whether he is going to use OP to track the campaign or whatnot, so bring your questions to the table next week as we start this new and exciting dungeon delve int Dungeon World!


This was a fantastic series Dave! Did you cover the fate of the egg? There was a “crunching” sound when Sanlas landed on it. Did the egg survive or is that answer something that further adventures would bring into light?

It's a wrap!

Interesting that that question didn’t come up directly, but the consensus of folks at the table believe that the hippogriff fledgeling did survive. Madame Orina and Meela both said that the egg was within hours of hatching on its own, so it is reasonable to believe that the hatchling is still alive. The egg shell, however, did get a good cracking on stage (and IIRC there were a few egg shell pieces left behind as the Black Fist goon ran off with it). Due to the time involved in returning to town, it is very likely that what he ultimately delivered to Thomas or Gareth was a squirming hatchling rather than an intact egg.

Sadly, the players didn’t get to have that bonding moment when the little one finally emerged from the egg. Like most avians, Hippogriffs imprint on the first creature they see, so it is likely that a certain black-garbed soldier will be followed around for a while by a very impressionable kid…

Another reward that the party missed out on would have been the homor of naming the fledgling. I kinda thought that Kilrakas would have liked that opportunity, but alas, it was not to be.

I don’t think the party will be involved in the hippogriff caper much further. Meela has the resources and the connections to retrieve the babe from Gareth given enough time and effort (and she is very driven). Further, Gareth has no resources to raise or otherwise deal with the fledgling himself. The leverage over Ector that he hoped to gain will probably evaporate as it becomes known that his men were responsible for stealing the stolen egg from Orina. Gareth is nothing if not a survivor, though, so he will probably find a way to come out this debacle with his power and influence (if not his pride) intact. His ire toward the PCs, however, will linger for some time.

It's a wrap!
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