Fajenan Orina

Exiled Druid of the Emerald Enclave; Canny Merchant; Purported Smuggler; Madame of the Orina Estate


Fajenan was exiled from the Emerald Enclave many years ago for conduct unbecoming of an agent. Some say that she vowed revenge on the Enclave for their verdict. She moved to Phlan where she became a very successful merchant (and some say, a smuggler). She built the Orina estate outside of town and has lived the life of a recluse for many years. Her servant, Olaf Feebs has become her public mouthpiece as well as officiator of her business in Phlan.

She appears to have a good relationship with the Black Fist leader, Ector Brahms, but this is in-fact the continuation of her general strategy of staying in the good graces of the leadership of Phlan.

After a cursory investigation of her estate by the party, they discovered that Orina was in possession of the stolen egg. After a brief encounter, she allowed the party to take the egg, saying that she would exact the cost at a later date.

Fajenan Orina

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