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The calm before the storm

In this week’s game session, our heroes finally managed to get that pesky door open, though not all went as planned. Gather round as we recap the going’s on in a Madame Orinas Little Shop of Horrors.

After some deliberation, the party settled on attempting to use the rust monster as a means to open the locked door behind which the party suspects the Hippogriff egg is being kept. The cleared away all the shelves and empty metal cages, then pushed the wooden cage containing the rust monster over to the open doorway. To prevent the rust monster from going into a feeding frenzy at the expense of the party’s weapons and armor, Truk and Sanlas Grayal stripped their armor off and stowed it in the storage room downstairs. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge didn’t have any metal to speak of, so the reasoning was that he wouldn’t need to divest himself of anything. The metal hulks (Gwen Nassau, Kilrakas GuidingLight, and Sharn Horst) decided on simply waiting at the landing at the top of the stairs until the rust monster had finished with the locks. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf places some bait for the rust monster (metal cages) so that it would walk out of the cage room, along the balcony, and down the hallway corroding and eating the cages as it went.

It started out working as expected. The rust monster exited the cage room, though it could smell all the delicious metal in the room, it was unable to enter the cage room again to get at it. It finally gave up and noticed the metal bait cages along the hallway, so it wandered off to eat them. As the rust monster passed the first locked door, it purposefully corroded and ate the lock off of the door, before continuing down the hallway towards the final bait cage and the second locked door. That is where things went a little pear-shaped. The rust monster got a whiff of the armored juggernauts just as it made it to the door. Instead of attacking the lock, it charged down the hall and attacked Gwen Nassau, corroding her armor 1 step. Some fast thinking by Kilrakas GuidingLight enabled her to throw her cloak over the rust monster and thus prevented it from further savaging Gwens armor. With rust monster temporarily subdued, the armored trio beat a hasty retreat down the stairs and out (hopefully) of the rust monsters detection. No sooner had the group escaped down the stairs than the rust monster threw off the cloak, ready to continue the feast. Unable to see where its quarry had gone, it was distracted by the smell of corroded metal at its feet, and then the smell of one final bait cage behind it, as well as the metal lock on the final door. In no time, the metal was all corroded and eaten and Truk escorted the rust monster downstairs and into the foyer, the intention being to release it outside.

While the rust monster shepherd was working, Lulu opened the second door and found a storage room full of boxes, shelves, tapestries, statues, and a large bronze brazier, with a small flame underneath it. With Thodrus beside her, she was about to enter the room when we called the game on account of time. The current disposition of the party is: Truk is in the foyer with the rust monster; Kilrakas, Gwen, and Sharn are in the hallway below the upstairs group; the cat is watching the proceedings from the balcony; Lulu and Thodrus are about to enter the brazier room; Patches and Sanlas are in the cage room.

The board is set; the pieces are in motion; all that is left is to tune in again next week for the exciting conclusion!


These write-ups are great. I should note from a website perspective though that even with all the settings in my profile for notifications, I did not see that this was available.

The calm before the storm
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