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Fight! Fight!

First level characters fall over in a stiff breeze

This week saw the continuation of the ultimate battle that started last week. We were able to get through about 5 combat rounds this week (give or take) which saw some pretty interesting swings. Let’s get down to the blow-by-blow!

At the beginning of this weeks action, Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge and Truk started out in melee combat with the leader of the enemy troops, Thomas Ors. His 6 additional soldiers were swiftly rushing forward to join the fray, while the remainder of the party were facing down the recent turncoats, Sharn Horst and Gwen Nassau.

During the first round, the party was rolling pretty poorly and it looked like things were going to be fairly disastrous. Thodrus and Truk missed their attacks on Thomas, and Thomas’s retainers were able to crowd into melee with both Thodrus and Truk. In the back, Gwen stood up and swung wildly at Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, while Sharn struck at Sanlas Grayal. Fortunately, both swings went wide and the attacks failed. Patches, sensing that Gwen was acting contrary to her nature, cast Thaumaurgy and yelled at her with a booming voice, “You are better than this!”. His influence roll was well over 20 and Gwen began waivering. She pulled back out of combat, looking down at her blade that was wet and dripping with Sanlas Grayal’s blood. There was clearly some internal conflict taking place. Sharn tried to snap her out of it by yelling “What are you doing? We have our orders! This is what we were sent here to do!”. The dialog between the two tied them up for the next combat round. With his message delivered, Patches ran forward to help stem the Black Fist tide that was threatening to engulf the figher line.

As the next round started, things began getting worse for the party. On the front, the swarm of sword blows was whittling down the fighters with sheer numbers. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf cast her trusty Magic Missle spell and targeted Thomas, who took all three glowing orbs and kept on trucking… against Truk. The party started getting a little luckier this round with their rolls, but the first losses started accruing. Sanlas began playing his inspiration song and targeted Thodrus, and later, Lulu. By that time, however, Truk had been felled by the Thomas after absorbing a hail of blows.

In the thick of the fracas, Kilrakas GuidingLight charged forward and decided that she would help her friends, rather than watch them be cut down and be killed one by one. At that time, Gwen came out of her reverie and struck Sharn with the flat of her blade in the back of the head. The damage wasn’t great, but it was enough to knock Sharn out of the action. She then pivoted on her heels and charged into battle against Thomas. If Thomas was surprised, he didn’t show it as he immediately turned on Gwen and struck her down.

At or about that time, Thodrus was also fighting a losing battle and he was beaten down by a wave of sword blows, but not before doing some serious damage to one of the retainers, and a blow or two on Thomas as well. Victoriously, a few of the retainers made a dash forward to get the egg, but Patches stood in the way and flattened one of the soldiers as he ran past, the force of the blow stopping him in his tracks and lifting him about a meter into the air before dropping him violently to the ground. The party had claimed their first kill, but it came at a heavy price.

By this time, Kilrakas had stepped up to block Thomas’s path forward, and in so doing, become the target of interest. Some additional men ran past Kilrakas, who slashed one viciously as he ran past her. Patches was now facing a wall of swords from the soldiers that had beaten Thodrus and they, along with Thomas who had decided to face off with Kilrakas, teamed up to knock Patches to the ground, bleeding from a savage and deep wound.

In the back, Lulu was casting Shocking Grasp and attempting to kill the soldiers who were encroaching on her and Sanlas. Her first shocking grasp attack that succeeded stunned one of the soldiers, and Sanlas stepped forward and impaled him with this rapier. This second soldier fatality was soon followed by a second as Lulu and Sanlas teamed up to weaken and then strike down the oncoming soldiers.

It was at this point that the battle momentum changed. With half of the retainers dead, and Thomas bruised and bloodied in the center, Thomas’s nerve failed him. Turning his horse about, he spurred it into a gallop away from the battle. As he fled, simultaneously, Kilrakas struck him a parting shot that had the possibility to be quite serious, but in actuality was quite superficial, and Thomas yelled over his shoulder as he rode out of battle, “Men! Bring me the egg and meet me back in town!”. If the order was meant to be encouraging, it had quite the opposite effect on his remainig troops. Their confusion was further stoked as Sanlas pulled out the egg and flashed the pommel of his rapier over it while saying, “*Back off or the egg gets it!”

Unsure about what to do, the pair of soldiers around Lulu and Sanlas began arguing about what to do. Kilrakas is bleeding and bruised, but has a standing soldier near her that hasn’t decided what to do. With most of the party lying in the dirt and bleeding out (except Truk, who successfully made 3 dead saves and self-stabilized), a relative quiet has settled on the battlefield. It is at this lull that we ran out of time and had to call it.

As with all recaps that I write, I claim the right to distort, embellish, downplay, omit, re-write, make-up, and out-and-out lie about what happened in the game. I’m hoping that the players that were there will keep me moderately honest. If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know.

Next week I’m planning on taking a comp day for working this Saturday, so I’m not planning on having a session. I recommend that if the group wants to meet that Chris can bring in DungeonWorld and introduce you to the game and the world. Perhaps there would even be enough time to create characters? I’ll leave that up to the group.

I’ll see everyone in two weeks when we will most likely complete the adventure, one way or the other!

  • Might not be verbatim, but close enough.


Great write-up, Dave! I don’t know how you keep track of all that detail until you can get it typed out.

Thodrus says, “Getting knocked down by these Black Fist dregs is like being swarmed by pig-rats: funny to watch, but embarrassing to admit. I’ve had better days!”

Fight! Fight!

Dave’s ability to memorize these adventures and spill them out elegantly is absolutely uncanny. It certainly is one of his super powers.

Fight! Fight!

You have no idea how many odious personal habits and other character flaws I had to take to pay for that one advantage. :)

Fight! Fight!

I really want to see your character sheet Dave. LOL

“Dave takes a minus 2 to all dinner table initiative rolls due to not using a salad fork.”

Fight! Fight!

Hey gaming chums!
As you probably know, the Saturday upgrade was scrubbed, so I will be in the office on Monday, and I am planning on running what should be the last session for this adventure.

See everyone at the table!

Fight! Fight!
dheinecke dheinecke

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