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The story so far...
Cats in cradles and punching snakes

The party continued their investigation of Madame Orinas estate. Some of the highlights were:

  • Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge found a poisonous snake on the bed in the guest bedroom upstairs. Being the poison-magnet that he is, he was bitten by the snake but made his saving throw and was able to shrug off the effects of the poison. The snake was dispatched quickly by the nimble dwarf by a quick punch to the face, smashing several bones in its face and head.
  • Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard discovered a painting gallery on the lower floor, complete with an epic painting of a black castle with a horde of warriors pouring out of it and smiting undead, orcs, trolls, ogres, and other monstrous enemies. The painting depicts the leader of the army riding on a hippogriff and smiting the monsters with a giant warhammer.
  • Sanlas Grayal cast a Speak With Animals spell on the cat on the bed in master bedroom. The wanted to be fed tuna, but was persuaded to tell the party where the egg was.
  • Kilrakas GuidingLight, Truk, and Gwen Nassau began walking east on the road when they saw a group of armed men gathering in a wooden knoll by the road. They decided to head back to the estate. Truk convinced Kilrakas GuidingLight that the others may be in trouble and that they should enter the estate looking for them.
  • The party reunited in the main entry room. As the party entered, a candelabra on a short table ignited and lit the room, showing the splendor of the paintings in the entryway. The party began organizing to ascend the stairs and join up with Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge and Sanlas Grayal who are already upstairs.
Wasps in the Belfry?

This week we almost had our first PC death, and it happened at the business end of a pair of giant wasp stingers. Tymora must have been looking out for Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge though, as he went 3-for-2 on death saves and was able to stabilize in the closing minutes of the session. The highlights of today’s session included:

  • Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf, Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, and Sharn Horst continued their investigation of the right wing of the estate. After encountering a locked, sound-proofed door, Lulu froze the lock while Patches tried breaking it off with his hammer. His first effort failed miserably as his hammer struck the door and broke a wooden plank. His next blow was enough to smash the lock. As they opened the door, they found a room full of cages, and 3 prisoners (a large insect-looking creature, a large wolf, and a lizardman creature).
  • Gwen Nassau, Kilrakas GuidingLight, and Truk were starting to explore the left wing of the estate, when the noise from the lock-breaking got the better of Kilrakas and she darted up the stairs to accost those who were causing the ruckus. Once she saw the cages, though, she forgot her plan and decided to try to help one of the imprisoned creatures (the lizardman). Lulu cast comprehend languages and determined that the lizardman was begging not be hurt (though she is starting to hear some other languages coming from the other two captives, too).

Gwen Nassau and Truk found and investigated a library on the main floor. Nothing of value was found, but the pair left abruptly to aid their colleague when the sounds and shrieks of battle reached their ears…

  • Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge and Sanlas Grayal went back to the staircase and entered the attic. The plan was to see if Sanlas could break through the ceiling into the locked room that the cat said contained the egg. After stomping on the floorboards a while, the pair attracted the attention of two giant wasps that were nesting in the attic. Sanlas noticed the approach of the insects, but Brunt was oblivious, until the stingers started stinging. Brunt went down after a pair of vicious stings, but it was the poison that forced him to death’s door. The furious combat continued as Truk and Gwen raced to the attic to help, Sanlas faced off against both buzzing monsters. He managed to kill one while successfully ducking and weaving, but the second wasp stung him and had him on the ropes. Just as Truk managed to strike the final blow against the second wasp, Brunt made his 3rd death save and time was up!
The Ballad of the Attic Wasps
Accompanied equally by lute and shame

[Written and performed by Sanlas Grayal]
[A few strums at the lute before starting]

In a house owned by a stranger,
we crept and we snuck.
Desperately seeking an egg with no luck.

A bowl of steaming broth,
still burnt on his throat.
He fist punched a snake but he does not like to gloat.

With tipping and toeing,
we were quite not knowing,
just how thick our lives were with danger.
A cat of all things we found in a room,
it told us of eggs but warned not against doom!

Doom! Doom!
The sound of my feet.
Doom! Doom!
Why didn’t he retreat?

Our mission of stealth my stomping just broke,
my foolish footwork unknowingly awoke…
Run you slow grump!
On the ground you did slump!

I shrieked oh so bravely,
to call our dear friends.
Come to think of it really,
we just met them at the inn.
[I’m sure they’re quite nice.]

Your injuries were epic,
your skin held on tight.
I did so much better with only one wasp to fight.
Slowly you greyed and your beard lost its spring,
as Truk jumped in and slayed the last thing.

We watched and we waited,
as not one medic we brought.
That should have been required,
long before we fought.

Thankfully you recovered,
dizzy and sweating.
Perhaps next time mine will be the life that I’m betting.

Rust Monsters, Dire Wolves, and Sauriels

Welcome back fellow gamers. We had a few folks out this week, so there were a few characters on autopilot :)

This week, the party most regrouped from the near fatality with the giant wasps in the attic from last week. Fortunately for Thodrus, Patches had a heal spell prepared and was able to revive him from the fevered depths of unconsiousness to which he had descended. The rest of the crew that had been upstairs decided to beat a hasty retreat from the attic when it became evident that there were probably more critters roaming around up there.

The cat made another cameo, watching the troupe as they headed down the hall and into the animal cage room from the attic. Sanlas Grayal saw the cat, but decided against interacting with it. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf continued her conversations with the animals in the cage room, and decided to draw a sketch of the ant-like creature. Once Thodrus was up, he properly identified the ant creature as a rust monster, and it was hungry! Patches fed it a few metal cages that were on the shelves in the room.

Using Lulu’s ability to comprehend languages, they determined that the lizard man just wanted to be released. They found a set of keys hanging on a peg behind the door and using them they set the lizard man free. He wasted little time in thanking the party, before darting down the stairs and out the front door, watched over by Truk.

Toward the end, the party decided that a frontal assault on the locked door was the best course of action. Truk whacked the door with his heavy sword. but barely dented the wood (not that the wood was super strong, so much as it was the roll was super bad). They briefly tried using the keys found in the cage room to open the door, but it was apparent that the keys were not meant for those door locks.

Time ran out for on the session as our heroes contemplate alternate ways to get the door open, though the prevailing thought seems to involve (somehow) using the captive rust monster as a means to corrode the lock.

The calm before the storm

In this week’s game session, our heroes finally managed to get that pesky door open, though not all went as planned. Gather round as we recap the going’s on in a Madame Orinas Little Shop of Horrors.

After some deliberation, the party settled on attempting to use the rust monster as a means to open the locked door behind which the party suspects the Hippogriff egg is being kept. The cleared away all the shelves and empty metal cages, then pushed the wooden cage containing the rust monster over to the open doorway. To prevent the rust monster from going into a feeding frenzy at the expense of the party’s weapons and armor, Truk and Sanlas Grayal stripped their armor off and stowed it in the storage room downstairs. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge didn’t have any metal to speak of, so the reasoning was that he wouldn’t need to divest himself of anything. The metal hulks (Gwen Nassau, Kilrakas GuidingLight, and Sharn Horst) decided on simply waiting at the landing at the top of the stairs until the rust monster had finished with the locks. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf places some bait for the rust monster (metal cages) so that it would walk out of the cage room, along the balcony, and down the hallway corroding and eating the cages as it went.

It started out working as expected. The rust monster exited the cage room, though it could smell all the delicious metal in the room, it was unable to enter the cage room again to get at it. It finally gave up and noticed the metal bait cages along the hallway, so it wandered off to eat them. As the rust monster passed the first locked door, it purposefully corroded and ate the lock off of the door, before continuing down the hallway towards the final bait cage and the second locked door. That is where things went a little pear-shaped. The rust monster got a whiff of the armored juggernauts just as it made it to the door. Instead of attacking the lock, it charged down the hall and attacked Gwen Nassau, corroding her armor 1 step. Some fast thinking by Kilrakas GuidingLight enabled her to throw her cloak over the rust monster and thus prevented it from further savaging Gwens armor. With rust monster temporarily subdued, the armored trio beat a hasty retreat down the stairs and out (hopefully) of the rust monsters detection. No sooner had the group escaped down the stairs than the rust monster threw off the cloak, ready to continue the feast. Unable to see where its quarry had gone, it was distracted by the smell of corroded metal at its feet, and then the smell of one final bait cage behind it, as well as the metal lock on the final door. In no time, the metal was all corroded and eaten and Truk escorted the rust monster downstairs and into the foyer, the intention being to release it outside.

While the rust monster shepherd was working, Lulu opened the second door and found a storage room full of boxes, shelves, tapestries, statues, and a large bronze brazier, with a small flame underneath it. With Thodrus beside her, she was about to enter the room when we called the game on account of time. The current disposition of the party is: Truk is in the foyer with the rust monster; Kilrakas, Gwen, and Sharn are in the hallway below the upstairs group; the cat is watching the proceedings from the balcony; Lulu and Thodrus are about to enter the brazier room; Patches and Sanlas are in the cage room.

The board is set; the pieces are in motion; all that is left is to tune in again next week for the exciting conclusion!

The Song of the Quiet Room
What bards do when they are waiting for the party to feed a rust monster.

Written and performed by Sanlas Grayal while stuck in the Quiet Room with Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, hopeful that the rest of the party was doing well.

[A 30 second lute intro, softly moving in a relaxing arpeggio. The music of the lute slowly matches up with the growling wolf tones, overtaking the angry baritone canine and using its vocal complaints as an integral part of the music.]

Caged and confused we found potential foes,
but watching them closely their story was woes.
Our patron has requested we find something stolen,
but seeing these captured created our hearts have all swollen.

Three creatures of lore have graced our new quest,
the strength of our focus their presence will test.

One cage held a lizardman prisoner,
Lulu’s magic made her our group’s listener.
He spoke with fear and asked us to spare him,
His face was gaunt and his hope was dim.

His cage was opened slowly as we released him to freedom,
he questioned our motives as if we were trying to mislead him.
As he left the front door he said he would never forget us,
his independence salad was just missing lettuce.

The other captives were a hungrier bunch,
the wolf we fed them portions from a tightly packed lunch.
The rust monster ate neither meats nor cheeses,
his twitching antennae moved by invisible breezes.

Indeed it was hungry for metals of all sorts,
fear was had by all of my cohorts.
We fed it some pieces that did not have value,
while arguing possibilities of what it could do.

Pushing and pulling we free it at last,
From here in this room my draining patience goes fast.
Patches’ face is slack as if it unweighing,
A empty mask where no ones role playing.

This wolf keeps my wits sharp with teeth bared and spitting,
and if he escapes my pants I’ll be … uh… retrofitting.

Adventures behind well locked doors
Sometimes, a little fireball is more than enough.

While my story time magic doesn’t have quite the same flavor as Dave’s I did take some notes as we went and perhaps this may be worthwhile.

Truk started off our week as he ended the prior adventure time, attempting to lead the odd rust monster out of the house through the front door. What didn’t occur to us was that as the monster was on the way out it ate the door hinges and handle which cause the door to fall down and seriously hampered our chances of locking it outside to keep it away from our armor and weapons.

Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge entered the room with the large bronze brazier and is greeted by a mysterious rush of air. While pondering the nature of the air current, as no source could be found in the room, he asked Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf to message Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard that the coast was clear for him and Sanlas Grayal to exit the Quiet Room.

Sanlas, even after hearing the news and seeing that the dire wolf was attempting to escape, thought that (uncharacteristically) waiting around a bit could be a great idea.

Lulu enters the gusty room with Brunt and discovers a burned hole in the wall behind Brunt that is still smoldering. Brunt says nothing, takes a hold of Lulu and pulls them both out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Mysteriously, the cat who showed very little interest in any of the prior events undergoes a metamorphosis into some figure that none of the characters have yet witnessed first hand. Pairing nicely with the cats new form a thick, unnatural fog rolls into the house. The foyer on the first and second floor both became blindingly tough to navigate with the fearsome fog. Truk, stuck in the fog with the rust monster, cares little about the new atmosphere and continues to try and herd the metal devouring beast from the house.

Gwen Nassau, Sharn Horst and Kilrakas GuidingLight have all entered into the kitchen area on their way up to the brazier room. However, as they passed through the kitchen with the pot of broth still cooking two centipedes the size of dogs appear. Gwen is quick to attack, at the horror of Kilrakas, and chops the first centipede in two. Kilrakas trying desperately to convince the poor creature to leave without harm ends up only convincing it to move to a new target: Sharn.

Lulu and Brunt stand in the hallway and discuss why he pulled them out of the room. Upon agreement that the room is likely too dangerous for just the two of them to take on alone, Brunt risks a limb to shut the door. Lulu then works to try and seal the door by casting Ray of Frost which, ends up achieving some frosted edges along the top of the door. (Nifty!)

While somewhat blinded by fog, Truk takes the fallen front door and bars the front door as best he can so that the rust monster is unlikely to make its way back in. Satisfied, Truk begins to make his was back through the fog toward the room with his gear.

Patches and Sanlas eventually make their way out of the Quiet Room after Patches moves the wooden cage out of the way and back into place at the door, lest the dire wolf escapes. Sanlas, seeing the fog and determining that there is trouble runs screaming into the breach (down the hall) to see if his comrades need help. Patches also starts to make his way into the fog as well, with no screaming whatsoever.

Gwyen and Sharn continue their centipede slaughter efforts in the kitchen, as new centipedes have bursted forth from some magical cabinet. They each in turn thrust their weaponry forward and burden the insect world with two additional requirements for centipede funerals. As there are still 2 new live centipedes in the kitchen, witnessing the murder of their kin, Kilrakas successfully shooshes them which focuses their attacks now at Gwyen and Sharn. Both attacks missed as the city guards apparently are very well trained in the insect combat arts.

Hymn of the Screaming Fog
One should never go lightly into danger

This mysterious indoor weather is clearly from magic,
the last time I saw it the outcome was tragic.
A fog or a mist is not my wording when selfish,
hîth is this mist as we call it in elvish.

Foggy nights roll in from the lands of my past,
dangerous creatures have hidden there last.
Blinded and sightless the fog takes your senses,
from arcane sources this moisture condenses.

Noises and faint light are all hîth permits,
no sight from a distance until it quits.
My fingers strum music to pierce the white veil,
and still my audience replies “epic fail!”

So into the breach I run screaming loudly,
hoping my final chapter is remembered proudly.
As no one can see me my voice must provide,
hoping they warn me before we collide.

The hallway is much longer than I recall,
hopefully the banister will preclude a fall.
The acoustics here are amazingly spiff,
Maybe I’ll pause here to do another riff.

A Special Message from Kilrakas Guiding Light



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