Sharn Horst

Black Fist Soldier


Scharn is a Black Fist soldier. He has been asked by Gareth de Bristol to escort the party as they search for the missing hippogriff egg.

Sharn ultimately sided with the Thomas and his Black Fist soldiers in the final battle. He was secretly working for Gareth de Bristol and following orders to turn over the egg to Gareth if it was found. He didn’t realize that Thomas was also dispatched to retrieve the egg, nor that Thomas would try to silence those that had it. Sharn was naive to think that the Thomas and Gareth wouldn’t be willing to kill to obtain the egg.

With Gwen’s death, Sharn lost the only thing keeping him in Phlan. He believes that his life is forfeit if he returns: he knows that Gareth will try to tie up the loose ends, and he is just such a loose end in need of tying. The party mercifully allowed him to take Gwen’s pendant and her father’s sword and he departed into the West.

Sharn Horst

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