Lunchtime Heroes

The Song of the Quiet Room

What bards do when they are waiting for the party to feed a rust monster.

Written and performed by Sanlas Grayal while stuck in the Quiet Room with Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, hopeful that the rest of the party was doing well.

[A 30 second lute intro, softly moving in a relaxing arpeggio. The music of the lute slowly matches up with the growling wolf tones, overtaking the angry baritone canine and using its vocal complaints as an integral part of the music.]

Caged and confused we found potential foes,
but watching them closely their story was woes.
Our patron has requested we find something stolen,
but seeing these captured created our hearts have all swollen.

Three creatures of lore have graced our new quest,
the strength of our focus their presence will test.

One cage held a lizardman prisoner,
Lulu’s magic made her our group’s listener.
He spoke with fear and asked us to spare him,
His face was gaunt and his hope was dim.

His cage was opened slowly as we released him to freedom,
he questioned our motives as if we were trying to mislead him.
As he left the front door he said he would never forget us,
his independence salad was just missing lettuce.

The other captives were a hungrier bunch,
the wolf we fed them portions from a tightly packed lunch.
The rust monster ate neither meats nor cheeses,
his twitching antennae moved by invisible breezes.

Indeed it was hungry for metals of all sorts,
fear was had by all of my cohorts.
We fed it some pieces that did not have value,
while arguing possibilities of what it could do.

Pushing and pulling we free it at last,
From here in this room my draining patience goes fast.
Patches’ face is slack as if it unweighing,
A empty mask where no ones role playing.

This wolf keeps my wits sharp with teeth bared and spitting,
and if he escapes my pants I’ll be … uh… retrofitting.


dheinecke billyguldager

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