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The Black Fist strikes back

If you’ve been following along with the action, you can guess that things are rapidly spiralling toward the conclusion of this adventure. Here’s what happened next.

Fajenan Orina started out this week by assembling all the characters in one place (the entryway downstairs) as Kilrakas GuidingLight noted that there wasn’t enough room upstairs for the party to assembly. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge skirted by Orina and joined Sanlas Grayal, Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, Kilrakas, and our two Black Fist guards downstairs, while Orina came down the stairs and inquired about the nature of their incursion.

After some back and forth, Orina mysteriously allowed Sanlas and Thodrus to return upstairs and fetch the egg from the storage room. She informed the pair that they must say the word “Balderdash” aloud before entering the room to avoid any trouble with whatever she had guarding the room. Due to slow rate of progress of the dialog, Kilrakas decided that action was the better part of valor and she went upstairs instead of Sanlas to get the egg, with Thodrus trailing. Upon opening the brazier, they discovered the egg buried in a heavy layer of sand. Kilrakas flexed her muscles and carted the whole brazier down the stairs, much to the chagrin of the assembled party.

It was about this time that Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf came out of the study, pockets bulging with her new book, and followed the pair downstairs.

With the egg safely in their possession, they said farewell to Orina, who claimed that she would exact her payment for the egg at a later date. There were a few attempts to gather more information about how Orina came by the egg, but all she would say about it was that it was given to her. Some theories were bandied about, but impatience carried the day and the group decided to leave the estate with the object of their quest in hand.

Once outside, Sanlas decided that he would carry the egg on the trek back to town. Sharn Horst had an empty backpack which he eagerly provided to carry the egg (almost as if that was its primary purpose). As they marched away toward Phlan, Truk mentioned to the group that they had spotted a group of bandits on the road a short way from the estate, but the party made no special effort to avoid them. Striding confidently forward, they soon saw a group of armed and armored men coming toward them on the road. The leader of the group was astride a large destrier, while the remaining members walked. The groups pproached each other until they were about 60 feet apart. Sharn stepped forward to talk to Thomas Ors, whom he recognized as the leader of Gareth de Bristol’s company.

Sharn soon returned to the party and attempted to get them to relinquish the egg to Thomas. Having none of that, the group rebuffed Sharn and Thomas. Showing that impatience is not only a PC trait, Thomas drew his sword and ordered his men (and the both Gwen Nassau and Sharn, as well), to bring him the egg. At that, he charged into the group with his men rushing forward to attack.

At that moment, Gwen and Sharn both drew their blades and attacked Sanlas to get the egg: Gwen following the order she was given and Sharn following along. Patches stepped forward and shoved Gwen to the ground hard, but not before she landed a painful blow on Sanlas. Kilrakas, no doubt feeling a sense of betrayal, struck back at Sharn and delivered a painful blow that left him teetering.

On the front lines, the party formed up around Truk, and Thodrus made a perfect bowling 7-10 split with his thrown shuriken. Truk was the target of Thomas’s first blow, but Truk was quicker and landed a painful first strike.

And that is where we called it with the clock running to zero for this week. Treachery in the rear ranks, and a whole company of soldiers rushing in from the front. It seems that the party is going to be in a fight for their very lives when we meet next week for the blowout conclusion to this epic battle.

Finally, I’d like to apologize in advance for any dialog items that I may have glossed over. There was a bit of discussion between Orina and the party (including an amusing exchange about the nature of tuna, though I feel Sanlas didn’t come away with a satisfactory answer), and some things I have omitted to keep the log entry to a reasonable length. As always, feel free to comment with your favorite revealed items (or lingering questions) that happened.

See everyone next week!


Great job at a wrap-up on the week Dave!

The Black Fist strikes back
dheinecke dheinecke

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