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The aftermath

When heroes fail...

Howdy fellow dungeon delvers!

I was hoping that we would see this adventure through to the bitter end this week, and I was not disappointed. Let me give a quick overview of how the battle was developing:

At one end of the battlefield, Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf and Sanlas Grayal faced down two of Thomas’s men. The one closest to Lulu was bleeding severly from a savage gash in his side (Delivered last time by Kilrakas GuidingLight as he rushed by. Kilrakas herself was facing down another of the Fists in the middle of the road.

At the top of the first combat round, Lulu stepped forward and attempted to deliver a shocking grasp to the wounded soldier she was facing, but sadly the wounded man was able to dodge out of the way. Sanlas attempted to persuade the Fist he was facing to back off and allow the group to pass, but his argument fell flat as the as the soldier advanced on him with malicious intent.

The soldiers then struck back, with a well-timed slash striking true and felling Sanlas. As Sanlas was still holding the egg, he fell forward on top of the egg and there was a resounding “crunch” that was heard across the battlefield. In the center, Kilrakas and her soldier continued their deadly dance with neither one gaining an advantage over the other. Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard meanwhile made his death save and drew a step back from death’s door, while Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge made his third death save and self-stabilized into the warm embrace of unconsciousness. Kilrakas then swung at the Fist she was facing and delivered a painful wound as the Fist failed to evade.

In the next minute, the soldier facing Sanlas knelt down and rolled Sanlas over to uncover the egg. Picking it up and tucking it safely under his arm, the rushed toward the road. Lulu, undeterred by previous misses, took a step forward and chanting the magical words of Volt and Ohm, delivered a massive jolt of energy that seared the Fist and blew his backward into a smoking heap. She then took up a position that would allow her to support Kilrakas as soon as she could. Alas, Kilrakas was in great need of help as her Fist opponent stepped forward and delivered a deceptive strike that snaked through her defenses and struck home. Kilrakas sank to her knees and slumped over as the Fist pulled his sword out of the gaping wound in her stomach. Ominously, Sanlas failed his first deathsave as the bard slipped closer to death.

As the battle continued, Lulu blasted the Fist that Kilrakas was facing with a damaging ray of frost, that very nearly killed the man, and slowed his movement considerably. Sanlas continued his inexorable march toward death with another failed deathsave. The frozen man and his egg-laden companion decided that they had had enough of combat and continued their expeditious retreat, but at the last moment, the frozen man decided that he wanted a little further blood on this blade, and so he turned back to re-engage against the sole member of the party still standing, Lulu. Kilrakas made her deathsave and took s step back from the brink.

Recognizing that unless some help was forthcoming, the growing pool of blood flowing out of Sanlas would soon be fatal, Lulu rushed to his side and began binding his greivous wounds. A successful medical check by the plucky halfling ensured that Sanlas would live to see another day. The egg-carrying Fist-man became a cloud of dust in the distance, but his frostbite-suffering companion rushed at Lulu to finish the fight, and almost did it with a biting strike finding some flesh. Kilrakas continued to teeter between life and death with a successful deathsave.

Lulu summoned a charge from the positive energy plane and tried to deliver another shocking grasp, but was unsuccessful, despite the metal armor that made the man a literal lightning rod. His counter strike was similarly unsuccessful. Kilrakas began a backslide as death inched closer with a failed deathsave.

At long last, Lulu then delivered a final charged attack that blew the man backward and, for a brief moment, outlined his bones in glowing electrical light. Lulu then ran to Kilrakas’s side and, after digging the medical kit out of Pathes’ pack, was able to treat Kilrakas’s wounds and stabilize the Paladin.

After a couple of hours, the survivors awoke, bruised and battered. Truk wasted no time in binding and gagging Sharn Horst before he woke up and hour later. Sanlas then woke up and the party decided that they were in too bad of shape to attempt to return to town, so they camped behind a slight rise beside the road. The night passed uneventfully and in the morning the party prepared to head back to town. Sharn convinced the party to let him see Gwen’s body, and he then told them about his “secret” mission and the part that he played in it. He told them that we was likely a dead man if he were to return to town, and that in any event, life in Phlan was bleak with Gwen as his partner, so he took her pendant and her father’s sword and left the party heading west, but not before asking the party to tell anyone that asked that he had been killed along with Thomas’s men.

The party then made the lonely hours-long trek back to town and to Madame Freona‘s tea house. When the entered, mdm Freona ushered them into a back room with Meela Greenleaf where they told her the bad news: that they had had the egg, but it had been taken away and damaged in the battle with Gareth de Bristol’s men. Meela thanked them for their service and gave them their reward. She told the party that she would contine her efforts to retrieve the egg, content that at least she knew where the egg was and who had it. She also told the party that, if they were willing, the Emerald Enclave would call on them again in the future for important tasks. The party has clearly made a powerful ally, as well as a few powerful enemies in the course of this investigation.

That’s it folks! All done! Next week we will do a level-up for all the characters in the party, as well as a quick post mortem of the adventure. I’ll everyone at the table next week!


What an adventure! I guess that we really made an omelette out of this one. :)

The aftermath
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