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So a fight broke out...

I apologize in advance for the lateness of this log post. We play on Monday afternoon and here it is Thursday evening before I can break away long enough to chronicle the happenings this week.

Before I get started doing the blow-by-blow, let me get it out that combat in D&D takes a long time to resolve. It’s been that way since OD&D times. It got longer when the combat rules became more complex with each edition that’s come along, reaching a peak with 3/3.5; With 5th edition, I think it’s actually been reduced a little and combat has lost some of its complexity. Still, it took a good, solid hour of playing to get through this week.


We started this week in melee time as we continued the battle royale. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge started out holding the door closed, but realized that he was exposing his arm through a sizeable hole in so doing, so he let go of the door. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf became bored by all the fighting so she sauntered down the hallway and entered the first room in the hallway. Upon spying a desk with various papers, and a bookshelf, she made herself busy nosing through the papers and books looking for anything of value or interest.

Sanlas Grayal charged down the upstairs hallway and headlong into the billowing fog cloud. Just as he was about to reach the junction, he ran directly into a creature in the mist. It was a perfect football tackle as the creature went down in a heap (momentarily), as did Sanlas. When the creature stood back up, it mumbled a few words (something that rhymes with “muhdaily”) and swung a now-hardened strike at Sanlas, which put him down with a case of the death-save lottery.

On the floor below, Truk was feeling his way along the wall to get back to the supply room. As he went, he heard snarling and growling coming from the fog-obscured west wing of the mansion. Fearless, he grabbed his weapon and rushed out to deal with the threat.

In the kitchen, the centipede menace was heating up. With a centipede each to deal with, Gwen Nassau was able to slay her assailant, but Sharn Horst was bitten by the little wriggler. Kilrakas GuidingLight stepped in and performed a Lay-On-Hands action to keep the tottering guardsman in the fight. Once the last centipede had been laid low, the trio headed out into the hallway and headed toward the entryway.

At that moment, the fog lifted and the party discerned that they were dealing with none other than Fajenan Orina on the balcony, and a pair of mastiffs in the main entryway. Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard stepped forward and tried to calm the situation by explaining that they were there to check on her and that she hadn’t been seen for some time. At the same time, he was administering healing to Sanlas to get him back up. By that time, Thodrus was locked in a furious melee with Mdm Orina as the two traded blows.

In the entryway, the mastiffs split up and tried to tag-team Kilrakas. Realizing that she didn’t want to kill the dogs, she struck a subdual strike against one that sent it yelping in pain. Hearing her dogs in distress, Orina chose to end the combat (ostensibly to prevent them from being killed by the heavies downstairs), though not without offering Thodrus a parting round, to which he declined.

Finally, Lulu found a scrap of paper with the word “Balderdash” scribbled on it, and a book entitled The Ecology of the Hippogriff by Volo (Extra points if you get the reference :)).

And with that, the fighting ended, but the combatants are still eyeing each other warily. Is this just a momentary lull in the fighting, or will parley carry the day? Tune in next time for the conclusion of “The Kilrakas Fracas”.



This week’s update is very well done but incomplete without the description of Madam Orina’s druid staff hitting Brunt with “a bit of a splorch.”

Before Sanlas had his fool head caved in by the same damage inflicting staff, he did manage to knock the trained druid into a prone position when she did not move while in the fog and misfortune caused a collision. (One might wonder how she is unable to hear a screaming elf coming from the fog in her general direction and not attempt to side-step the noise.)

One small correction is that it was Sanlas that tried to convince Madam Orina that we were there to check on her with no visible acknowledgement by her (persuasion roll of 17). Patches tried to confess some sins of letting the animals out (persuasion roll of 4).

I also really enjoyed that one of the dogs was named “Stella” and I’m hoping that the other pup was named “Artois.”

So a fight broke out...

I did omit the splorching noise that the staff made when it connected with elven skullbone: this is a family show after all. You are right about the persuasion checks being a little off (that’s what writing this 3 days after-action gets you). I’m going to play the “creative license” card in my defense, which should get me at least a +2 on my re-write history check.

I like the suggestion of naming Mdm Orinas dogs Stella and Artois, but alas I (and she) was going a different direction here. With some considerable risk of being too meta, I will say that the other, male, dog is named Stanley.

So a fight broke out...
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