Lunchtime Heroes

Rust Monsters, Dire Wolves, and Sauriels

Welcome back fellow gamers. We had a few folks out this week, so there were a few characters on autopilot :)

This week, the party most regrouped from the near fatality with the giant wasps in the attic from last week. Fortunately for Thodrus, Patches had a heal spell prepared and was able to revive him from the fevered depths of unconsiousness to which he had descended. The rest of the crew that had been upstairs decided to beat a hasty retreat from the attic when it became evident that there were probably more critters roaming around up there.

The cat made another cameo, watching the troupe as they headed down the hall and into the animal cage room from the attic. Sanlas Grayal saw the cat, but decided against interacting with it. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf continued her conversations with the animals in the cage room, and decided to draw a sketch of the ant-like creature. Once Thodrus was up, he properly identified the ant creature as a rust monster, and it was hungry! Patches fed it a few metal cages that were on the shelves in the room.

Using Lulu’s ability to comprehend languages, they determined that the lizard man just wanted to be released. They found a set of keys hanging on a peg behind the door and using them they set the lizard man free. He wasted little time in thanking the party, before darting down the stairs and out the front door, watched over by Truk.

Toward the end, the party decided that a frontal assault on the locked door was the best course of action. Truk whacked the door with his heavy sword. but barely dented the wood (not that the wood was super strong, so much as it was the roll was super bad). They briefly tried using the keys found in the cage room to open the door, but it was apparent that the keys were not meant for those door locks.

Time ran out for on the session as our heroes contemplate alternate ways to get the door open, though the prevailing thought seems to involve (somehow) using the captive rust monster as a means to corrode the lock.


Sanlas Grayal: “That curious cat is out of in the hall watching us. I can’t chat with it directly anymore and we never did find any tuna for it. Oh well, it was a seemingly fickle creature as its species tend toward.”


One does have to wonder about the plants and animals that inhabit fantasy worlds. What are the odds that any random fantasy world has an ocean that is infested with Tuna? How did Tuna end up on this world? What natural (and unnatural) predators would feed on schools of Tuna?

I guess there is a certain amount of suspension of disbelief that one must engage in, or even a simple request by a simple cat for a morsel of Tuna would cause an existential crisis.

For what it’s worth: Cats in my world have never seen a Tuna, which makes the request all the more intriguing.


I think that my house-cat may have walked into our RPG.

Or perhaps the cat isn’t really an NPC. It could be an actual cat that is in our group.

dheinecke dheinecke

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