Lunchtime Heroes

Adventures behind well locked doors

Sometimes, a little fireball is more than enough.

While my story time magic doesn’t have quite the same flavor as Dave’s I did take some notes as we went and perhaps this may be worthwhile.

Truk started off our week as he ended the prior adventure time, attempting to lead the odd rust monster out of the house through the front door. What didn’t occur to us was that as the monster was on the way out it ate the door hinges and handle which cause the door to fall down and seriously hampered our chances of locking it outside to keep it away from our armor and weapons.

Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge entered the room with the large bronze brazier and is greeted by a mysterious rush of air. While pondering the nature of the air current, as no source could be found in the room, he asked Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf to message Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard that the coast was clear for him and Sanlas Grayal to exit the Quiet Room.

Sanlas, even after hearing the news and seeing that the dire wolf was attempting to escape, thought that (uncharacteristically) waiting around a bit could be a great idea.

Lulu enters the gusty room with Brunt and discovers a burned hole in the wall behind Brunt that is still smoldering. Brunt says nothing, takes a hold of Lulu and pulls them both out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Mysteriously, the cat who showed very little interest in any of the prior events undergoes a metamorphosis into some figure that none of the characters have yet witnessed first hand. Pairing nicely with the cats new form a thick, unnatural fog rolls into the house. The foyer on the first and second floor both became blindingly tough to navigate with the fearsome fog. Truk, stuck in the fog with the rust monster, cares little about the new atmosphere and continues to try and herd the metal devouring beast from the house.

Gwen Nassau, Sharn Horst and Kilrakas GuidingLight have all entered into the kitchen area on their way up to the brazier room. However, as they passed through the kitchen with the pot of broth still cooking two centipedes the size of dogs appear. Gwen is quick to attack, at the horror of Kilrakas, and chops the first centipede in two. Kilrakas trying desperately to convince the poor creature to leave without harm ends up only convincing it to move to a new target: Sharn.

Lulu and Brunt stand in the hallway and discuss why he pulled them out of the room. Upon agreement that the room is likely too dangerous for just the two of them to take on alone, Brunt risks a limb to shut the door. Lulu then works to try and seal the door by casting Ray of Frost which, ends up achieving some frosted edges along the top of the door. (Nifty!)

While somewhat blinded by fog, Truk takes the fallen front door and bars the front door as best he can so that the rust monster is unlikely to make its way back in. Satisfied, Truk begins to make his was back through the fog toward the room with his gear.

Patches and Sanlas eventually make their way out of the Quiet Room after Patches moves the wooden cage out of the way and back into place at the door, lest the dire wolf escapes. Sanlas, seeing the fog and determining that there is trouble runs screaming into the breach (down the hall) to see if his comrades need help. Patches also starts to make his way into the fog as well, with no screaming whatsoever.

Gwyen and Sharn continue their centipede slaughter efforts in the kitchen, as new centipedes have bursted forth from some magical cabinet. They each in turn thrust their weaponry forward and burden the insect world with two additional requirements for centipede funerals. As there are still 2 new live centipedes in the kitchen, witnessing the murder of their kin, Kilrakas successfully shooshes them which focuses their attacks now at Gwyen and Sharn. Both attacks missed as the city guards apparently are very well trained in the insect combat arts.


Very good and detailed recap! Thanks Billy!

It’s fair to say that this week we started the Battle Royale. It seems everyone was beset by some challenge or another as the house “came alive” with perilous activity. We’ll see how everything shakes out next week in the nail-biting conclusion!

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