Lunchtime Heroes

It's a wrap!

Hail adventurers!

Monday was our wrap-up session for those that weren’t able to attend. All the player characters were able to level up their characters to second level. Lulu appears to be the only one that was considering doing a multiclass option, but her wisdom was a tad too low as of yet to do it.

I answered questions from those in attendance about the adventure, as well as gave folks a short glimpse behind the curtain. As far as the reveals go, I’ve included a few of the more interesting ones below:

Someone wanted to know where Olaf got himself to after his initial scene at the door. He had actually gone downstairs to the basement where there was a secret door leading to a sea cave that contained a small cadre of smugglers who were busy inventorying and moving some contraband. Unfortunately, no one ever entered the basement or saw the sea cave entrance from the top of the cliff (Kilrakas almost made her awareness/notice roll, but came up a little short). As a result, Olaf was a one-scene character, which was a bit of a shame as he is an interesting guy…

The floorplan for Madam Orinas house was blatantly ripped off from the Haunted House from the old-school AD&D module, U1 The Sinister Secret of Saltmarsh. Of course, I completed gutted the interior and created my own tiles for the house, so there was some originality there. If you’ve never played the old U1-U3 series of adventures then you are really missing out as they were awesome!

Lulu got the award for number of missed encounters, as she avoided lifting the burlap sack in the abortorium and disturbing a trio of juvenile Shriekers. She also avoided being ambushed by spiders in the sitting room because she did not approach the cold, empty fireplace when she was searching the room. It was a pity since the room did contain the best magical item available (IMO) in the adventure, a +2 Ring of Protection, which was hidden behind a brick about 6 feet up the chimney. The adventurers would certainly have had to be looking very hard (or been using a detect magic spell) to find it though.

There were a few items of value in the attic, but it would have taken many rounds of searching to locate them all. Furthermore, random monsters were lurking around up there. Sanlas and Thodrus ran out of luck on the first random check and got the wasps, but there were also rats, spiders, and a swarm of bees that could have been encountered.

At the bottom of the stairway was the armored corpse of the missing black fist soldier that Sharn had mentioned back on day one. He was lying on a pristine magic shield (but painted with the black fist, so it would need a paint job to avoid being recognized as a stolen/looted item). Getting to the shield would have been tricky as the corpse was infested with Rot Grubs. If you don’t know what these little beasties are, you’ve never played any previous versions of D&D! Rot grubs have now also been added to 5th Edition with Volos Guide to Monsters, so there is that.

I was little tight-lipped about how Madame Orina knew about tuna fish. In her defense, you do see a lot of strange stuff when you are in the smuggling business, and she definitely knows about otherworldly thing as a result. I’m being a little coy about how she knows what she knows as if and when the players return to the campaign, they too might discover the source of that knowledge…

One final note about why Madame Orina gave up the egg so readily: she is an ally of Ector Brahms, and she was doing a portrait of him beating the forces of evil, while riding on a hippogriff. That image really stoked his imagination and he managed, through undisclosed means, to procure a hippogriff egg. His agents then left the egg with Orina to raise and train for Ector. Raising and training a hippogriff is a pretty lengthy and expensive undertaking, one the Orina only agreed to do grudgingly. It isn’t as if the money wasn’t good (it wasn’t great), but it was a pretty involved task to do to keep on Ectors good side. When the party showed up with the intention to retrieve the egg, Orina decided that she could give them the egg and claim it was stolen by agents that were loyal to Gareth de Bristol, thereby relieving her of the task as well as setting Ector and Gareth at odds. By claiming that she would recover a payment from the characters was a way to expand her sphere of influence, as they would now owe her a favor. Furthermore, she would have a valid grievance against Gareth whose agents had invaded and ransacked her home. It looked like a win-win to just let the party take the egg…

Anyway, I hope everyone had a fun time chasing through the house and looking for the elusive hippogriff egg! When we return to the campaign, as mentioned elsewhere, I am planning on running some more traditional Tyranny of Dragons-type encounters. These are more bite-sized encounters and missions that can be completed in about 1 or at most 2 sessions.

Starting next week, Chris is going to be running a Dungeon World adventure and we will be generating characters. I’m not sure how he is planning on updating folks and whether he is going to use OP to track the campaign or whatnot, so bring your questions to the table next week as we start this new and exciting dungeon delve int Dungeon World!

The aftermath
When heroes fail...

Howdy fellow dungeon delvers!

I was hoping that we would see this adventure through to the bitter end this week, and I was not disappointed. Let me give a quick overview of how the battle was developing:

At one end of the battlefield, Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf and Sanlas Grayal faced down two of Thomas’s men. The one closest to Lulu was bleeding severly from a savage gash in his side (Delivered last time by Kilrakas GuidingLight as he rushed by. Kilrakas herself was facing down another of the Fists in the middle of the road.

At the top of the first combat round, Lulu stepped forward and attempted to deliver a shocking grasp to the wounded soldier she was facing, but sadly the wounded man was able to dodge out of the way. Sanlas attempted to persuade the Fist he was facing to back off and allow the group to pass, but his argument fell flat as the as the soldier advanced on him with malicious intent.

The soldiers then struck back, with a well-timed slash striking true and felling Sanlas. As Sanlas was still holding the egg, he fell forward on top of the egg and there was a resounding “crunch” that was heard across the battlefield. In the center, Kilrakas and her soldier continued their deadly dance with neither one gaining an advantage over the other. Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard meanwhile made his death save and drew a step back from death’s door, while Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge made his third death save and self-stabilized into the warm embrace of unconsciousness. Kilrakas then swung at the Fist she was facing and delivered a painful wound as the Fist failed to evade.

In the next minute, the soldier facing Sanlas knelt down and rolled Sanlas over to uncover the egg. Picking it up and tucking it safely under his arm, the rushed toward the road. Lulu, undeterred by previous misses, took a step forward and chanting the magical words of Volt and Ohm, delivered a massive jolt of energy that seared the Fist and blew his backward into a smoking heap. She then took up a position that would allow her to support Kilrakas as soon as she could. Alas, Kilrakas was in great need of help as her Fist opponent stepped forward and delivered a deceptive strike that snaked through her defenses and struck home. Kilrakas sank to her knees and slumped over as the Fist pulled his sword out of the gaping wound in her stomach. Ominously, Sanlas failed his first deathsave as the bard slipped closer to death.

As the battle continued, Lulu blasted the Fist that Kilrakas was facing with a damaging ray of frost, that very nearly killed the man, and slowed his movement considerably. Sanlas continued his inexorable march toward death with another failed deathsave. The frozen man and his egg-laden companion decided that they had had enough of combat and continued their expeditious retreat, but at the last moment, the frozen man decided that he wanted a little further blood on this blade, and so he turned back to re-engage against the sole member of the party still standing, Lulu. Kilrakas made her deathsave and took s step back from the brink.

Recognizing that unless some help was forthcoming, the growing pool of blood flowing out of Sanlas would soon be fatal, Lulu rushed to his side and began binding his greivous wounds. A successful medical check by the plucky halfling ensured that Sanlas would live to see another day. The egg-carrying Fist-man became a cloud of dust in the distance, but his frostbite-suffering companion rushed at Lulu to finish the fight, and almost did it with a biting strike finding some flesh. Kilrakas continued to teeter between life and death with a successful deathsave.

Lulu summoned a charge from the positive energy plane and tried to deliver another shocking grasp, but was unsuccessful, despite the metal armor that made the man a literal lightning rod. His counter strike was similarly unsuccessful. Kilrakas began a backslide as death inched closer with a failed deathsave.

At long last, Lulu then delivered a final charged attack that blew the man backward and, for a brief moment, outlined his bones in glowing electrical light. Lulu then ran to Kilrakas’s side and, after digging the medical kit out of Pathes’ pack, was able to treat Kilrakas’s wounds and stabilize the Paladin.

After a couple of hours, the survivors awoke, bruised and battered. Truk wasted no time in binding and gagging Sharn Horst before he woke up and hour later. Sanlas then woke up and the party decided that they were in too bad of shape to attempt to return to town, so they camped behind a slight rise beside the road. The night passed uneventfully and in the morning the party prepared to head back to town. Sharn convinced the party to let him see Gwen’s body, and he then told them about his “secret” mission and the part that he played in it. He told them that we was likely a dead man if he were to return to town, and that in any event, life in Phlan was bleak with Gwen as his partner, so he took her pendant and her father’s sword and left the party heading west, but not before asking the party to tell anyone that asked that he had been killed along with Thomas’s men.

The party then made the lonely hours-long trek back to town and to Madame Freona‘s tea house. When the entered, mdm Freona ushered them into a back room with Meela Greenleaf where they told her the bad news: that they had had the egg, but it had been taken away and damaged in the battle with Gareth de Bristol’s men. Meela thanked them for their service and gave them their reward. She told the party that she would contine her efforts to retrieve the egg, content that at least she knew where the egg was and who had it. She also told the party that, if they were willing, the Emerald Enclave would call on them again in the future for important tasks. The party has clearly made a powerful ally, as well as a few powerful enemies in the course of this investigation.

That’s it folks! All done! Next week we will do a level-up for all the characters in the party, as well as a quick post mortem of the adventure. I’ll everyone at the table next week!

Fight! Fight!
First level characters fall over in a stiff breeze

This week saw the continuation of the ultimate battle that started last week. We were able to get through about 5 combat rounds this week (give or take) which saw some pretty interesting swings. Let’s get down to the blow-by-blow!

At the beginning of this weeks action, Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge and Truk started out in melee combat with the leader of the enemy troops, Thomas Ors. His 6 additional soldiers were swiftly rushing forward to join the fray, while the remainder of the party were facing down the recent turncoats, Sharn Horst and Gwen Nassau.

During the first round, the party was rolling pretty poorly and it looked like things were going to be fairly disastrous. Thodrus and Truk missed their attacks on Thomas, and Thomas’s retainers were able to crowd into melee with both Thodrus and Truk. In the back, Gwen stood up and swung wildly at Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, while Sharn struck at Sanlas Grayal. Fortunately, both swings went wide and the attacks failed. Patches, sensing that Gwen was acting contrary to her nature, cast Thaumaurgy and yelled at her with a booming voice, “You are better than this!”. His influence roll was well over 20 and Gwen began waivering. She pulled back out of combat, looking down at her blade that was wet and dripping with Sanlas Grayal’s blood. There was clearly some internal conflict taking place. Sharn tried to snap her out of it by yelling “What are you doing? We have our orders! This is what we were sent here to do!”. The dialog between the two tied them up for the next combat round. With his message delivered, Patches ran forward to help stem the Black Fist tide that was threatening to engulf the figher line.

As the next round started, things began getting worse for the party. On the front, the swarm of sword blows was whittling down the fighters with sheer numbers. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf cast her trusty Magic Missle spell and targeted Thomas, who took all three glowing orbs and kept on trucking… against Truk. The party started getting a little luckier this round with their rolls, but the first losses started accruing. Sanlas began playing his inspiration song and targeted Thodrus, and later, Lulu. By that time, however, Truk had been felled by the Thomas after absorbing a hail of blows.

In the thick of the fracas, Kilrakas GuidingLight charged forward and decided that she would help her friends, rather than watch them be cut down and be killed one by one. At that time, Gwen came out of her reverie and struck Sharn with the flat of her blade in the back of the head. The damage wasn’t great, but it was enough to knock Sharn out of the action. She then pivoted on her heels and charged into battle against Thomas. If Thomas was surprised, he didn’t show it as he immediately turned on Gwen and struck her down.

At or about that time, Thodrus was also fighting a losing battle and he was beaten down by a wave of sword blows, but not before doing some serious damage to one of the retainers, and a blow or two on Thomas as well. Victoriously, a few of the retainers made a dash forward to get the egg, but Patches stood in the way and flattened one of the soldiers as he ran past, the force of the blow stopping him in his tracks and lifting him about a meter into the air before dropping him violently to the ground. The party had claimed their first kill, but it came at a heavy price.

By this time, Kilrakas had stepped up to block Thomas’s path forward, and in so doing, become the target of interest. Some additional men ran past Kilrakas, who slashed one viciously as he ran past her. Patches was now facing a wall of swords from the soldiers that had beaten Thodrus and they, along with Thomas who had decided to face off with Kilrakas, teamed up to knock Patches to the ground, bleeding from a savage and deep wound.

In the back, Lulu was casting Shocking Grasp and attempting to kill the soldiers who were encroaching on her and Sanlas. Her first shocking grasp attack that succeeded stunned one of the soldiers, and Sanlas stepped forward and impaled him with this rapier. This second soldier fatality was soon followed by a second as Lulu and Sanlas teamed up to weaken and then strike down the oncoming soldiers.

It was at this point that the battle momentum changed. With half of the retainers dead, and Thomas bruised and bloodied in the center, Thomas’s nerve failed him. Turning his horse about, he spurred it into a gallop away from the battle. As he fled, simultaneously, Kilrakas struck him a parting shot that had the possibility to be quite serious, but in actuality was quite superficial, and Thomas yelled over his shoulder as he rode out of battle, “Men! Bring me the egg and meet me back in town!”. If the order was meant to be encouraging, it had quite the opposite effect on his remainig troops. Their confusion was further stoked as Sanlas pulled out the egg and flashed the pommel of his rapier over it while saying, “*Back off or the egg gets it!”

Unsure about what to do, the pair of soldiers around Lulu and Sanlas began arguing about what to do. Kilrakas is bleeding and bruised, but has a standing soldier near her that hasn’t decided what to do. With most of the party lying in the dirt and bleeding out (except Truk, who successfully made 3 dead saves and self-stabilized), a relative quiet has settled on the battlefield. It is at this lull that we ran out of time and had to call it.

As with all recaps that I write, I claim the right to distort, embellish, downplay, omit, re-write, make-up, and out-and-out lie about what happened in the game. I’m hoping that the players that were there will keep me moderately honest. If I’ve forgotten anything, please let me know.

Next week I’m planning on taking a comp day for working this Saturday, so I’m not planning on having a session. I recommend that if the group wants to meet that Chris can bring in DungeonWorld and introduce you to the game and the world. Perhaps there would even be enough time to create characters? I’ll leave that up to the group.

I’ll see everyone in two weeks when we will most likely complete the adventure, one way or the other!

  • Might not be verbatim, but close enough.
The Black Fist strikes back

If you’ve been following along with the action, you can guess that things are rapidly spiralling toward the conclusion of this adventure. Here’s what happened next.

Fajenan Orina started out this week by assembling all the characters in one place (the entryway downstairs) as Kilrakas GuidingLight noted that there wasn’t enough room upstairs for the party to assembly. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge skirted by Orina and joined Sanlas Grayal, Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, Kilrakas, and our two Black Fist guards downstairs, while Orina came down the stairs and inquired about the nature of their incursion.

After some back and forth, Orina mysteriously allowed Sanlas and Thodrus to return upstairs and fetch the egg from the storage room. She informed the pair that they must say the word “Balderdash” aloud before entering the room to avoid any trouble with whatever she had guarding the room. Due to slow rate of progress of the dialog, Kilrakas decided that action was the better part of valor and she went upstairs instead of Sanlas to get the egg, with Thodrus trailing. Upon opening the brazier, they discovered the egg buried in a heavy layer of sand. Kilrakas flexed her muscles and carted the whole brazier down the stairs, much to the chagrin of the assembled party.

It was about this time that Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf came out of the study, pockets bulging with her new book, and followed the pair downstairs.

With the egg safely in their possession, they said farewell to Orina, who claimed that she would exact her payment for the egg at a later date. There were a few attempts to gather more information about how Orina came by the egg, but all she would say about it was that it was given to her. Some theories were bandied about, but impatience carried the day and the group decided to leave the estate with the object of their quest in hand.

Once outside, Sanlas decided that he would carry the egg on the trek back to town. Sharn Horst had an empty backpack which he eagerly provided to carry the egg (almost as if that was its primary purpose). As they marched away toward Phlan, Truk mentioned to the group that they had spotted a group of bandits on the road a short way from the estate, but the party made no special effort to avoid them. Striding confidently forward, they soon saw a group of armed and armored men coming toward them on the road. The leader of the group was astride a large destrier, while the remaining members walked. The groups pproached each other until they were about 60 feet apart. Sharn stepped forward to talk to Thomas Ors, whom he recognized as the leader of Gareth de Bristol’s company.

Sharn soon returned to the party and attempted to get them to relinquish the egg to Thomas. Having none of that, the group rebuffed Sharn and Thomas. Showing that impatience is not only a PC trait, Thomas drew his sword and ordered his men (and the both Gwen Nassau and Sharn, as well), to bring him the egg. At that, he charged into the group with his men rushing forward to attack.

At that moment, Gwen and Sharn both drew their blades and attacked Sanlas to get the egg: Gwen following the order she was given and Sharn following along. Patches stepped forward and shoved Gwen to the ground hard, but not before she landed a painful blow on Sanlas. Kilrakas, no doubt feeling a sense of betrayal, struck back at Sharn and delivered a painful blow that left him teetering.

On the front lines, the party formed up around Truk, and Thodrus made a perfect bowling 7-10 split with his thrown shuriken. Truk was the target of Thomas’s first blow, but Truk was quicker and landed a painful first strike.

And that is where we called it with the clock running to zero for this week. Treachery in the rear ranks, and a whole company of soldiers rushing in from the front. It seems that the party is going to be in a fight for their very lives when we meet next week for the blowout conclusion to this epic battle.

Finally, I’d like to apologize in advance for any dialog items that I may have glossed over. There was a bit of discussion between Orina and the party (including an amusing exchange about the nature of tuna, though I feel Sanlas didn’t come away with a satisfactory answer), and some things I have omitted to keep the log entry to a reasonable length. As always, feel free to comment with your favorite revealed items (or lingering questions) that happened.

See everyone next week!

So a fight broke out...

I apologize in advance for the lateness of this log post. We play on Monday afternoon and here it is Thursday evening before I can break away long enough to chronicle the happenings this week.

Before I get started doing the blow-by-blow, let me get it out that combat in D&D takes a long time to resolve. It’s been that way since OD&D times. It got longer when the combat rules became more complex with each edition that’s come along, reaching a peak with 3/3.5; With 5th edition, I think it’s actually been reduced a little and combat has lost some of its complexity. Still, it took a good, solid hour of playing to get through this week.


We started this week in melee time as we continued the battle royale. Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge started out holding the door closed, but realized that he was exposing his arm through a sizeable hole in so doing, so he let go of the door. Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf became bored by all the fighting so she sauntered down the hallway and entered the first room in the hallway. Upon spying a desk with various papers, and a bookshelf, she made herself busy nosing through the papers and books looking for anything of value or interest.

Sanlas Grayal charged down the upstairs hallway and headlong into the billowing fog cloud. Just as he was about to reach the junction, he ran directly into a creature in the mist. It was a perfect football tackle as the creature went down in a heap (momentarily), as did Sanlas. When the creature stood back up, it mumbled a few words (something that rhymes with “muhdaily”) and swung a now-hardened strike at Sanlas, which put him down with a case of the death-save lottery.

On the floor below, Truk was feeling his way along the wall to get back to the supply room. As he went, he heard snarling and growling coming from the fog-obscured west wing of the mansion. Fearless, he grabbed his weapon and rushed out to deal with the threat.

In the kitchen, the centipede menace was heating up. With a centipede each to deal with, Gwen Nassau was able to slay her assailant, but Sharn Horst was bitten by the little wriggler. Kilrakas GuidingLight stepped in and performed a Lay-On-Hands action to keep the tottering guardsman in the fight. Once the last centipede had been laid low, the trio headed out into the hallway and headed toward the entryway.

At that moment, the fog lifted and the party discerned that they were dealing with none other than Fajenan Orina on the balcony, and a pair of mastiffs in the main entryway. Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard stepped forward and tried to calm the situation by explaining that they were there to check on her and that she hadn’t been seen for some time. At the same time, he was administering healing to Sanlas to get him back up. By that time, Thodrus was locked in a furious melee with Mdm Orina as the two traded blows.

In the entryway, the mastiffs split up and tried to tag-team Kilrakas. Realizing that she didn’t want to kill the dogs, she struck a subdual strike against one that sent it yelping in pain. Hearing her dogs in distress, Orina chose to end the combat (ostensibly to prevent them from being killed by the heavies downstairs), though not without offering Thodrus a parting round, to which he declined.

Finally, Lulu found a scrap of paper with the word “Balderdash” scribbled on it, and a book entitled The Ecology of the Hippogriff by Volo (Extra points if you get the reference :)).

And with that, the fighting ended, but the combatants are still eyeing each other warily. Is this just a momentary lull in the fighting, or will parley carry the day? Tune in next time for the conclusion of “The Kilrakas Fracas”.


Cute Dire Wolf Puppies
A Special Message from Kilrakas Guiding Light


Hymn of the Screaming Fog
One should never go lightly into danger

This mysterious indoor weather is clearly from magic,
the last time I saw it the outcome was tragic.
A fog or a mist is not my wording when selfish,
hîth is this mist as we call it in elvish.

Foggy nights roll in from the lands of my past,
dangerous creatures have hidden there last.
Blinded and sightless the fog takes your senses,
from arcane sources this moisture condenses.

Noises and faint light are all hîth permits,
no sight from a distance until it quits.
My fingers strum music to pierce the white veil,
and still my audience replies “epic fail!”

So into the breach I run screaming loudly,
hoping my final chapter is remembered proudly.
As no one can see me my voice must provide,
hoping they warn me before we collide.

The hallway is much longer than I recall,
hopefully the banister will preclude a fall.
The acoustics here are amazingly spiff,
Maybe I’ll pause here to do another riff.

Adventures behind well locked doors
Sometimes, a little fireball is more than enough.

While my story time magic doesn’t have quite the same flavor as Dave’s I did take some notes as we went and perhaps this may be worthwhile.

Truk started off our week as he ended the prior adventure time, attempting to lead the odd rust monster out of the house through the front door. What didn’t occur to us was that as the monster was on the way out it ate the door hinges and handle which cause the door to fall down and seriously hampered our chances of locking it outside to keep it away from our armor and weapons.

Thodrus “Brunt” Frostforge entered the room with the large bronze brazier and is greeted by a mysterious rush of air. While pondering the nature of the air current, as no source could be found in the room, he asked Lucinda “Lulu” Tealeaf to message Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard that the coast was clear for him and Sanlas Grayal to exit the Quiet Room.

Sanlas, even after hearing the news and seeing that the dire wolf was attempting to escape, thought that (uncharacteristically) waiting around a bit could be a great idea.

Lulu enters the gusty room with Brunt and discovers a burned hole in the wall behind Brunt that is still smoldering. Brunt says nothing, takes a hold of Lulu and pulls them both out of the room, shutting the door behind them.

Mysteriously, the cat who showed very little interest in any of the prior events undergoes a metamorphosis into some figure that none of the characters have yet witnessed first hand. Pairing nicely with the cats new form a thick, unnatural fog rolls into the house. The foyer on the first and second floor both became blindingly tough to navigate with the fearsome fog. Truk, stuck in the fog with the rust monster, cares little about the new atmosphere and continues to try and herd the metal devouring beast from the house.

Gwen Nassau, Sharn Horst and Kilrakas GuidingLight have all entered into the kitchen area on their way up to the brazier room. However, as they passed through the kitchen with the pot of broth still cooking two centipedes the size of dogs appear. Gwen is quick to attack, at the horror of Kilrakas, and chops the first centipede in two. Kilrakas trying desperately to convince the poor creature to leave without harm ends up only convincing it to move to a new target: Sharn.

Lulu and Brunt stand in the hallway and discuss why he pulled them out of the room. Upon agreement that the room is likely too dangerous for just the two of them to take on alone, Brunt risks a limb to shut the door. Lulu then works to try and seal the door by casting Ray of Frost which, ends up achieving some frosted edges along the top of the door. (Nifty!)

While somewhat blinded by fog, Truk takes the fallen front door and bars the front door as best he can so that the rust monster is unlikely to make its way back in. Satisfied, Truk begins to make his was back through the fog toward the room with his gear.

Patches and Sanlas eventually make their way out of the Quiet Room after Patches moves the wooden cage out of the way and back into place at the door, lest the dire wolf escapes. Sanlas, seeing the fog and determining that there is trouble runs screaming into the breach (down the hall) to see if his comrades need help. Patches also starts to make his way into the fog as well, with no screaming whatsoever.

Gwyen and Sharn continue their centipede slaughter efforts in the kitchen, as new centipedes have bursted forth from some magical cabinet. They each in turn thrust their weaponry forward and burden the insect world with two additional requirements for centipede funerals. As there are still 2 new live centipedes in the kitchen, witnessing the murder of their kin, Kilrakas successfully shooshes them which focuses their attacks now at Gwyen and Sharn. Both attacks missed as the city guards apparently are very well trained in the insect combat arts.

The Song of the Quiet Room
What bards do when they are waiting for the party to feed a rust monster.

Written and performed by Sanlas Grayal while stuck in the Quiet Room with Khatur “Patches” Copperbeard, hopeful that the rest of the party was doing well.

[A 30 second lute intro, softly moving in a relaxing arpeggio. The music of the lute slowly matches up with the growling wolf tones, overtaking the angry baritone canine and using its vocal complaints as an integral part of the music.]

Caged and confused we found potential foes,
but watching them closely their story was woes.
Our patron has requested we find something stolen,
but seeing these captured created our hearts have all swollen.

Three creatures of lore have graced our new quest,
the strength of our focus their presence will test.

One cage held a lizardman prisoner,
Lulu’s magic made her our group’s listener.
He spoke with fear and asked us to spare him,
His face was gaunt and his hope was dim.

His cage was opened slowly as we released him to freedom,
he questioned our motives as if we were trying to mislead him.
As he left the front door he said he would never forget us,
his independence salad was just missing lettuce.

The other captives were a hungrier bunch,
the wolf we fed them portions from a tightly packed lunch.
The rust monster ate neither meats nor cheeses,
his twitching antennae moved by invisible breezes.

Indeed it was hungry for metals of all sorts,
fear was had by all of my cohorts.
We fed it some pieces that did not have value,
while arguing possibilities of what it could do.

Pushing and pulling we free it at last,
From here in this room my draining patience goes fast.
Patches’ face is slack as if it unweighing,
A empty mask where no ones role playing.

This wolf keeps my wits sharp with teeth bared and spitting,
and if he escapes my pants I’ll be … uh… retrofitting.


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